About Me

My latest textbook – AEMT 3rd Edition. Released April, 2018.


Welcome to my site and thank you for your interest. I hope you will enjoy the previews here and will continue to follow along this journey with me as I search for an agent and publisher for ESCALATION.

I live in a small area right in the center of the state of Georgia, in an unincorporated area called Hayneville. I currently work full time as an Assistant Professor at Albany State University in the EMS Education department and write prehospital textbooks for Jones & Bartlett Learning. The text in the photo is the latest for the Advanced Emergency Medical Technician level. I wrote the accompanying workbook (42 chapters!) in just 3 weeks. Fortunately, I had excellent help from my husband, Matt, and my son, Michael Bramlett. They spent hours cross-referencing page numbers with answers for the answer key. 🙂

I have over 30 years of experience in public safety (22 years teaching while working the road) and have worked in rural areas as well as large metropolitan settings. I have responded to calls in fire trucks, ambulances, and helicopters, allowing me the unique opportunity to write from the perspective of each. Whether I am writing fiction or nonfiction, the accuracy and technical aspects of public safety responses are upheld.

In my spare time I enjoy reading, cooking, working in the yard, or just hanging out by the pool with my husband and the furry children. You may have seen Molly (a dachshund/Jack Russell mix) and Isobel (a Jack Russell) on some of the pages here. We also have a sugar glider (Loki). We lost our 17-year-old cat (Bilbo) to cancer this summer. He was the inspiration for Oedipuss in ESCALATION.

My goal is to finish the Life Savers trilogy – a series of novels revolving around EMS that includes new characters and lots of old favorites as well. I have lots of ideas for the next, but would love to hear your comments and suggestions!

All my best,