A young girl goes missing, a vital secret is overheard, and gutsy paramedic ANALYN MICHAELS finds herself with a ruthless killer hot on her trail. Where is the girl, and is she even alive? Does Ana know enough to lead the police to her? If jumping at shadows and losing sleep is not enough, a series of mysterious phone calls and notes left in personal locations lends another level of stress to her already frantic life. Who is responsible and why is she the target?

Is it the gang member who vowed revenge for her disclosure of information that may lead the cops directly to the gang? Or is it her vengeful obsessive ex-boyfriend who has threatened to make her pay for rejecting him? And what about the guy at work who just happens to know her schedule, where she lives, and more about her life than she cares to share? Before it is too late, Ana must find a way to unravel the mystery, either with or without the help of the handsome deputy who seems overly interested in her well-being.

CAMBRIDGE HARDWICK, III, is determined to keep Ana safe at all costs. He recognizes the escalating actions of the gang enforcer and becomes Ana’s self-appointed bodyguard, insinuating himself into her life as well as her bed. His job with the sheriff’s department makes him the perfect choice to offer the safety and confidence that she needs. But is he really who he claims to be or is he using Ana’s trust in him to get close?

A routine day at work suddenly turns into a nightmare when Ana disappears without a trace. Her cell phone, lying next to the ambulance, the only clue. Has the cryptic stalker finally caught up with her? Or has the gang found a way to silence the last witness? It is a race against time to find her, but how much time does Ana have left?

ESCALATION is complete at just over 98,000 words, and is the first in the Life Savers trilogy.

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